Bumper Cars!

Chloe discovered the fun of bumper cars last weekend, ramming into fellow drivers with joyful abandon. Spinning in circles, going backwards, aiming for victims head-on, she was definitely in her competitive element. She did it over and over again, to the point where I was dizzy just watching her.

The hotel had a little kid bumper car space as well, and Sophie mastered the art of driving a mini-Jeep. She was particularly adept at going in reverse, although she almost ran over my feet a few times. Which, of course, made her laugh.
Sophie starts gymnastics classes this weekend at the Little Gym. We’ll see how that goes. Hoping she’ll actually participate since she’s always been skittish in groups. If she enjoys it, I think she’ll really get into it. She’s very coordinated, unlike her older sister. I’m looking forward to watching her in action and will report back after the weekend.

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