Chloe’s Canine Cousin

There she is. Cousin Lucy. She’s about a year older than Chloe. Lucy is a great dog. Very well trained, very loving. She and Chloe had a nice time together. Chloe did all the talking and Lucy did all the barking. A match made in heaven.

We knew that Lucy had grown comfortable in Chloe’s presence when she allowed Chloe to lie down on the floor with her while she was eating her new bone. Unlike the way she sometimes treats her sister, Chloe didn’t dare tease Lucy or otherwise bait her. She affectionately pet Lucy and gave her hugs. She accompanied Lucy and her uncle on a couple of walks and ball tosses in the backyard.
We returned home from Austin a little while ago. I’m really glad I got to spend some quality time with Chloe – she had a great time and behaved really well. Surprisingly well. She’s at the right age to travel and I can’t wait to do more of it with her, and with Sophie when she’s older. Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for a terrific long weekend!

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