In Sophie’s Words

I be funny.  I shake my booty.  I go to Grammy’s.  I play with Mommy and Daddy.  I like to bug people.  I like to swim in Grammy’s apartment.  I have with everyone.  Shirley and Bone-Bone and everything are my favorite stuffed animals.

I like to burp.  I like to prout (that’s French for fart).  I be very fun.  I like Mommy’s glasses since they have purple on them.  I like to be a cat.  I like to do somersaults and swinging and the balance beam.

I like to play with my friends.  I like princess movies.  I like to have straight hair. I like to wear dresses.  I like pink.  My favorite game is Dora on the Wii.

That’s the extent of my first interview with Sophie.  4-year olds are great.

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