More Austin

We went on a Texan adventure today. Drove a couple of hours east of Austin to Blue Bell Creameries, home of the third largest ice cream producer in the United States (after Dreyer’s, aka Edy’s, and Breyers). Those of us who live in the northeast aren’t familiar with them, because they sell to 18 states in the southern half of the United States. But their ice cream is yummy! We went on a tour of the factory and saw the workers (of whom there were far fewer than I expected) packaging the treats. Most of it is automated and very streamlined – no Lucy/Ethel shenanigans there.

Texas is a funny place. Freewheelin’, libertarian Texas. Exhibit #1 – random holes in the roads. Lawsuits waiting to happen. Back where we live, such holes would be surrounded by pylons and big orange warning signs. Here, you’re on your own. You’re forced to walk in the street because there are few sidewalks. And you walk in the street at your own risk. If you have a habit of looking straight ahead when you walk and don’t look down at your feet – you may very well break your foot. Chloe kindly agreed to demonstrate the danger for the camera.


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