Chloe had her annual check-up today.  All is well.  But when the doctor and I started talking about the onset of puberty Chloe asked, “does that mean when you have a love interest?”  Both the pediatrician and I did a double-take.

Chloe had a grin on her face – proud of her extensive knowledge of vocabulary.  Sorry to burst your bubble, darling.  Puberty is when your body starts doing funky things, like growing hair in previously unhairy places, and you’re even moodier than usual.

I know, you’re all thinking, Chloe’s only 9.  But we’ve noticed some preliminary signs that she’s getting closer – terrifying thought.

Although Chloe is getting older, she still acts like a baby when it comes to shots.  She wasn’t expecting any today and when she found out she was going to be pricked, the tears started to flow.  When she found out she was going to be pricked more than once, the tears flowed even more.  Post-shots, she remarked that it wasn’t all that bad after all.  Our doctor is no dummy, however.  She made a note to order both girls the flu vaccine in mist form for next season.

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