Thinking About Things Warm

It’s supposed to snow a lot tonight. We may get a foot or more of snow. And we’re lucky. ‘Cause we’re not in Philly or D.C., where folks are still digging out of the two feet that fell a few days ago. So, rather than think about snow and cold, I’ve decided to post this photo of Chloe, which although taken in the middle of winter at an indoor pool, still makes me think of sun and warmth.

On another note, it’s about that time for another Chloe opening paragraph masterpiece. Here it is:
When I saw the new kid coming I knew he was going to be trouble. He had that sneaky, sly strut. He had the kind of face that always seemed to hold a sneer. And he had deep, gray, pitiless eyes. He acted as though school was meaningless and the only reason he came was that his parents made him. Yet there was something different about him and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I had to figure it out.

I suggested she start a serial, in the spirit of Dickens. Her eyes bugged out at the thought of it and declined with an emphatic “No!” She’s not yet ready to make that kind of commitment.

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