Where is the Sun?

I’ve always said that February and March are my least favorite months.  February 2010 will be remembered for way too much snow.  And now that we’re just a few short days before March, freezing rain is pouring down and there’s apparently more snow to come before the week is out.

I despise the winter.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I think I was born to live in a place without winter.  Unfortunately, I have not yet fulfilled my destiny on the weather front.

Sophie did venture outside the other day with her Papa to build a snowman.  But he’s French, so he doesn’t know how to make a snowman.  The snowman had a bottom and a middle, but no top.  They made a mutant snowman.  They used milk container caps for the eyes and that was cute.  But the missing head is very disturbing.  I’m glad it’s starting to melt.

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