Winter Wonderland

This is what one of the trees on our property looked like as the snow was falling the other night. It was so very peaceful and white. No traffic, no people. Just snowflakes.

It’s not so peaceful anymore, nor is it as white. The roads have been cleared and the snow plowed from the roads is black with soot. Dogs have left their yellow marks in the snow. There are piles of the white stuff everywhere. And so much of it that even if it has started to melt under the sun, there’s no discernible difference yet.
The girls enjoyed two days off from school. Not really sure why the second day was necessary; a delayed opening would have worked just fine. But no mind. Chloe had an impromptu sleepover at a friend’s house and Sophie had an impromptu playdate with one of her best buddies.
On another note, Chloe just read a couple of blog entries from 2007 (here and here) after I told her that she once enjoyed wearing dresses and was quite the fashion plate. She was skeptical. After smiling and laughing through the pages, she exclaimed, “Mom, you’re really good at writing. Those were really funny!” Now if that’s not a compliment to end all compliments, I don’t know what is. I’ll be going to bed happy tonight.

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