Chloe Writes and Writes

Chloe had her first gifted and talented creative writing class at the local university this morning and it was a resounding success. She loves her instructor, who reminds her of her second grade teacher. There are five other children in the group and they all encouraged each other as they read their oeuvres out loud. Chloe has the class over the next eight weeks, and I plan to reserve the Saturday blog entry for her creations.

The kids’ first assignment was to pick two common objects and write a story or poem about each of them in five minutes. Here are the fruits of her labor.

Clock, clock the time is a shock.
I wanted to be early but that is now out of the question.
So there is only one suggestion.
Which is to run, run as fast as light travels from the sun.
So I ran all the way and made it by the end of the day.
I went through the gate, but I was still late.
Shoes, shoes it rhymes with blues.
I know it has nothing to do with it,
or perhaps just a little bit.
Now I stop just to think of what to write next.
I hope the teacher will say “time is up”
because I can’t think of anything that rhymes with next.
She also has to write creative journal entries every day. Here’s her first one:
In dreams it seems everything is real.
Nothing is hidden by a dark encased veil.
You see odd things, some cause great scare.
You might think it is unfair.
It is not your fault and it is not your friend’s.
The only problem is you can’t put it to an end.

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