Denver, Day 1

I have a cold. A bad, bad cold. After arriving in Denver, I had hoped to spend some time exploring the city. Didn’t happen. Spent the entire time in the hotel room, feeling sick. I looked out the window a few times. Nice view of the skyline and mountains.

So don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t an entirely unpleasant experience. I did some work, had some lunch and tried to get some rest. It was quiet. So very, very quiet. It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed such serenity. It would have been more enjoyable without the cold. I’m going to load up on some Nyquil tonight in the hope that I feel better tomorrow morning and can get something out of the conference.
Spoke to the girls earlier – Sophie doesn’t really understand why I’m not at home. It’s my first business trip since she was an infant. Chloe doesn’t particularly care that I’m gone – she’s extremely nonchalant in that pre-adolescent way to which I’m starting to grow accustomed. I miss them – sort of – but boy, I am really enjoying the solitude. Despite my stuffed head.

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