Goofy Chloe

This is Chloe’s favorite chair. She likes sitting on it in the morning, in front of the radiator, where she keeps her butt warm and enjoys her breakfast.

She’s usually reading a book while sitting on this chair. The problem is that she’s nine years old and has no ability to multitask. So she eats a bite of her waffle. Reads a page. Warms her butt. Eats another bite of waffle. Reads another page and warms her butt some more. And before she knows it, she has 15 minutes to get ready before it’s time to go to school. When we remind her of the passing time, she’s no longer goofy Chloe. She’s pissed off Chloe. And she moans and groans. Wastes another five minutes moaning and groaning. She stomps up the stairs to get dressed and brush her teeth. She calms down. Goes to school and generally comes home happy.
And the next day, she sits in her favorite chair. Eats her breakfast. Reads a page. Warms her butt. And moans and groans when it’s time to get dressed. Goofy, goofy Chloe. How I love you.

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