Homeward Bound

I enjoyed my solitude – obvious from my last couple of blog posts. But now I’m ready to go home. Ready to hug my kids and my husband, to be assaulted in the early morning hours by a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 4-year old and ignored by my 9-year old as she’s engrossed in a book. I’m mentally prepared for the race that now defines our Saturday mornings. Wearing the chauffeur cap to schlep Chloe to piano and creative writing, and Sophie to gymnastics.

It sounds like I didn’t miss much – other than some insulation work being done in our attic. Oh, and lest I forget, a call from my husband a few minutes ago to inform me that the car battery died when he went to pick up Sophie from pre-K. He’s not amused. I think it’s odd, actually, since the same thing happened to my mom a few weeks ago when she went to retrieve Sophie from pre-K. I wonder if there’s some kind of electromagnetic field hovering over the school. Glad I’m missing that excitement.
I understand I’m returning to some crappy weather. Not surprising at all considering the winter we’ve had. The upside is that we gain an hour of daylight this weekend. That will put us all in a better mood, I’m sure. Moving up the dates for daylight savings time was the only good thing President Bush did for this country.

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