Shoe Shocker

I wanted to buy Sophie a new pair of shoes today. But the shoe gods were against me because as I made the decision to go to the store without her, she rediscovered her sneakers (pink with lights that flicker on and off) for the second time since we bought them last summer.

All of sudden, she loved her sneakers. But I went to the store anyway, thinking that if she now loves her new-old sneakers that much, I should get her another pair for the spring.
And because pink is essentially the only color that exists for girls in sneakers, I was assured of finding a pair that Sophie would adore. So I made my purchase while Sophie was at the playground in her new-old pink sneakers. Feeling happy with my choice, and wanting to enjoy the beautiful day, I joined Papa and Sophie at the park (Chloe was visiting a friend). The playground was absolutely mobbed – people were trying to cure an epidemic case of cabin fever. I mentioned to Sophie that I bought her a new pair of shoes. She was excited because she loves new clothes and shoes.
When we got home, Sophie ran to the box. Opened it up. Smiled. Briefly. And then announced, “I don’t want them.” She tried them on anyway. “Thanks, mom. But they’re too puffy. I don’t want them.” Fine. She accompanied me back to the shoe store in her sleek red cowboy boots. Looked at all the pink sneakers. “Mom, I don’t want new shoes.” I now have a store credit. Amazing.

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