My last night in Denver. Still haven’t seen the city, and I honestly don’t really care. In a prior life, I would have forced myself to do a little sightseeing, if only to reassure myself that I wasn’t missing out on anything. Well, times have changed. And I’m older and wiser.

Forget the sightseeing. The solitude is priceless. I have a king size bed to myself, a bathroom to myself, a TV to myself. It’s fantastic.
Right now, I’m sitting in the bar in the hotel lobby and plan to enjoy a little dinner and a glass of wine before retreating to my king size bed, a warm bath and junk TV. I have no idea when this opportunity will present itself again…
I’m all alone. Not literally – the bar is quite crowded. But I’m alone at my own table. I should probably be networking. But I really don’t feel like networking. I did enough of that earlier today and I’ll do more of it before heading to the airport tomorrow.
As for the conference, it’s mostly what I expected it to be. Learned a couple of things – choice morsels that might actually be useful to me in my work. Some ideas are brewing in my head. Which I’ll eventually write down on paper. But not today. I’m too busy enjoying my solitude.

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