Sophie’s Turn

Sophie was upset with me the other night because I deigned to write about Alubus, the dwarf hamster, and not her. I tried and tried to explain that I had just recently written about her and that her turn was coming up again next.

But she was having none of it. She was in tears because of my perfidy. It was only after I played the video of her as a baby standing up and falling down several times that she forgave me.
I’m glad to know that my blog is so popular with my girls. Even Chloe, who I was afraid would start showing signs of embarrassment if I continued to write about her, loves to read it and as all of my loyal readers know, sometimes even acts as a contributing editor.
I have to keep this blog going for as long as possible. Their enthusiasm about it won’t last forever and I need to milk it while I still can. So Sophie-bear, if you’re upset with me because I haven’t written about you three days in a row, just let me know. I’ll be happy to rectify the oversight.

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