Finally, some vitamin D that doesn’t come from a bottle. Spent lots of time outside. As promised, I spent the morning and early afternoon with little Sophie. We took a walk and she played with a friend. I watched her have fun in gymnastics and took her for a slice of pizza. She was happy to get her one-on-one mommy time. I was happy to give her lots of hugs.

Later this afternoon, I went for a walk today on a local hiking trail with my mom and Chloe. Chloe had fun and the good news is that she didn’t trip, fall or otherwise hurt herself, which usually happens at least once during these outings. There were a few brief moments of suspense when she decided it would be fun to use a log, which had fallen over a threateningly large pool of swampy water, as a balance beam. Much to my surprise, she made it across and back without losing her footing. Amazing.
After we returned from our expedition, we bought Chloe a new bicycle. She needed a 24″ bike. She’d been riding a 16″ inch bike for the past four years. She never once complained. But we were neglectful parents, until today. The timing is perfect, because her 4-year old sister is about one inch away from being able to ride the 16″ bike (with training wheels, of course).
Hello, spring!

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