The Meeting, Part IV

The last and final installment of Chloe’s story.

The next day, I set off to do some pick-pocketing for the team. I spotted a lady who had just put a $2 bill in her pocket! A $2 bill! I couldn’t wait to steal it, so I walked behind her and my hand moved inch-by-inch toward her pocket and eventually I took it. She didn’t seem to have noticed, also I think she might’ve had more $2 bills at home because she didn’t seem psyched to have it when she came out of the store because I knew this $2 bill could be worth a lot if I sold it. Even more for people who really wanted it. So I decided to keep this a secret from the rest of the club until I got some money for this.
I went to the candy store, paid for one pack of M&Ms and took two others without paying. Then I left the store, went home and got ready for the next meeting. I also put the $2 away. I got there just in time and went into the alleyway of Maddiso Ave. No one was there so I waited a couple of minutes and still nobody came for the meeting. So I figured today was one of the days where it was a bad idea to be here.
The leader John said that when they weren’t there to meet them in the alleyway of Club Road. And they were there, just as they should be. And we all pooled in our money again. I had a total of $7 and two packs of M&Ms, a juice box, a box of tic-tacs and I got $7.22. John discussed tricks to pick-pocketing which were actually quite useful.
I went home and on my way I saw a man stick $10 in his pocket. I did the same thing I did with the woman and got it. The guy was about to go into a crafts store and was about to take out his $10. “Oh no!” I thought. But he was already looking toward me. He must have noticed me behind him and called me over. This might sound kind of weird, but Rule #1 of my club is to always fess up if you’re caught. Mostly because we’ve seen what’s happened to other people when they’re caught.
So I gave back his $10. He didn’t call the cops although he did ask for an extra $5 because it was the fact that I decided to steal in the first place. This was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me. Ever. Even more embarrassing than when I got a 62% on my science test and everybody saw that I got that grade. I ate my M&Ms miserably on my way home. I put away what was left of what I got from the meeting in my secret compartment. Then I saw something in it that got me extremely excited. “The $2 bill!” I thought.

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