I am currently the only one in my family who wears glasses and thinks that glasses are a really cool accessory. I know, once a nerd always a nerd. At least I don’t think glasses are such a cool accessory that I wear fake ones. My lenses are legitimate.

Chloe constantly makes fun of what she calls my “horrible eyesight.” Sophie tries to grab my glasses, which makes me nervous, because if they break then I truly won’t be able to see. And I’m afraid that if she tries to wear them, even if just for a minute, she’ll permanently damage her perfectly good eyes.

However, the other day Sophie discovered our dear babysitter’s oversized frames. And she hid herself away for a few seconds in order to surprise us with her new look. She looked very studious. She wasn’t able to wear them for long – our babysitter’s eyes have gone to s**t as well. But Sophie cracked herself up. And when she’s happy, we’re happy. Even if she looks like a dork.

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