Happiness Is…

…homemade gummy bears from a local candy shop. Where the blue bears actually taste like blueberry, the white bears taste like coconut, the yellow bears taste like lemon and the purple bears taste like grape. It’s as if Willy Wonka opened up a factory in our town.

These super yummy bears were the girls’ little Easter souvenir this year. They don’t really have anything to do with Easter, however. Although you can make a somewhat attenuated argument that the bears are colorful in a way that makes one think of colorful Easter pastels.
Anyway, we’ve been enjoying some spectacular summer-like weather these last few days. Chloe’s gym teacher taught the class how to properly throw a ball. Every night since Monday she has assaulted us upon our arrival home from work to play catch with her. And there is definitely a vast improvement. She’s not ready to play little league baseball, but at least she no longer throws like a 3-year old.

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