Helen Keller and Thanks to Dad

“Helen Keller” by Chloe

In order for Helen Keller to communicate with other people she has to learn sign language. But, since she was blind other people had to put their hands in hers so she could feel the letters and from that, know what they were spelling.
Helen learned how to speak sign language from the help of Anne Sullivan. She taught Helen and never gave up trying to teach her new words. The first word Helen learned and understood was ‘water.’ And yes, Helen did learn to speak words that actually came from her mouth.
I had to try very hard to learn to ride a bicycle. First, I had to learn to ride a tricycle, obviously. My teacher was a pretty good one because I learned at four years of age. Possibly three, I don’t know because I really don’t remember. Usually, my dad would hold on to my shoulders while I pedaled around the sidewalk. Soon I was ready to ride a bicycle. And in fact, only a few days ago I got a new bicycle and with that one you couldn’t use pedals as brakes. It even has a speed dial. And it’s all thanks to dad.
P.S. The photo was taken by Sophie.

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