Irresistible. My girls are irresistible. Earlier today, Sophie hurt herself on our playset in the backyard. Sophie was bawling, in her usual dramatic way. I looked out the window and Chloe had her arms wrapped around her little sister in a big bear hug. That helped quite a bit, until Sophie realized that I was watching. She turned the tears on again and came running to her mommy.

Later on, it was Sophie’s turn to comfort her older sister. Chloe was upset and was trying hard not to cry. But the tears flowed in spite of herself. And Sophie was there for her. She came to the couch and enveloped her sister in a huge embrace and lots of tender kisses. Chloe tried to resist, but in the end she smiled.
A few minutes later they went back to their squabbling. But make no mistake, all was well in their respective worlds.

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