I Want to be Five

Sophie’s best friend from pre-K turned 5 this week, and that makes my little girl a little sad. She wants to be five too. She’s afraid that her friend will start kindergarten before she does.

And as much as I try to explain to Sophie that she and her friend will start kindergarten together in the fall, she just doesn’t get it. When I tell her that they may even be in the same school and perhaps the same class (although the latter is highly unlikely), she still doesn’t get it. She exclaims to me, with great consternation, “Mom, you don’t understand. It’s complicated!” when I try to console her.
She’s simply pissed off that she’s not five. If only she knew that this is just the beginning of a long career as the youngest. She’ll be dealing with this until she finally gets her driver’s license – a year after everyone else. It’s a good thing she’s tall for her age, which might soften the blow. But it might not. Poor thing doesn’t know what she’s in for.

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