Waiting for Obama

The girls are very excited about our upcoming trip to our nation’s capital. I put in a request with our senator for tickets to visit the White House, and we are all eagerly awaiting to see if we made the list.

I feel a little bit like Charlie Bucket, anticipating with bated breath whether we’ll receive our golden tickets. Granted, the girls would much rather win tickets to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory – they don’t have a particular passion for social studies or history, but they sure as hell have a passion for candy. I’m actually pretty stoked at the idea of walking in the steps of past presidents, even if we’re only allowed to visit a couple of rooms that the presidents don’t ever visit. It’ll likely be the closest I ever get to a president.
Chloe’s most excited about visiting the Bureau of Printing & Engraving, assuming we get golden tickets for that tour. The idea of watching dollar bills get printed is an extremely enticing one to our enterprising 9-year old. She’s also eyeing the International Spy Museum. James Bond, here we come.
Not so sure how much Sophie will get out of our trip – there are no princesses lurking in D.C. But she had Disney last year. So it kind of evens out.

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