Washington – Day Three

Took a lovely boat ride to Mount Vernon today. What fun! The trip was restful, the weather gorgeous, the grounds beautiful. The boat gave the girls time to relax, so we didn’t have to endure an overwhelming amount of whining or moaning about the amount of walking.


We learned that Washington was a pretty inventive farmer before he became the 1st president, and that George and Martha greeted 677 (!)) guests in the year after Washington left the presidency.


After our excursion to the wilds of northern Virginia, we made our way back to downtown D.C. and learned a bit about espionage at the International Spy Museum. Chloe thought it was pretty cool and Sophie had no idea what the whole place was about, but that didn’t matter because there were more than enough buttons for her to push on the interactive exhibits.

Tomorrow’s menu – the Capitol building and the National Museum of American History.

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