A Panoply of Poems by Chloe

“Starry Night”

The burnt tree, the tree of skies.
The tree most rather despise.
The village of poor.
Never acknowledged before.
In the night the most wonderful sight.
“Field of Poppies”
The poppies of light meant to be bright
The emptiness of the field
The stillness, like a shield
Made to be peace
Let the trapped silence cease.
Sleep, ahhhh
Dreams, good
Pillows, fluffy
Bed, made
Teeth, brushed
Lights, off
Hiccups are annoying
They really are
I wish they’d stop
I do not like them
Not one bit
Stop, stop, stop!
Hiccup, hiccup, hiccup
Bees. Buzz. Prick. Sting. Blood.
Bump. Hurts. Ouch.

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