Bone-Bone and Sophie

Bone-Bone has recently become Sophie’s favorite stuffed animal. It used to be Shirley the lamb, and although Sophie still loves her and Shirley and Bone-Bone are the best of friends, Bone-Bone is the ONE. She loves him so much, she dressed him in a pink tutu.

Sophie brings Bone-Bone almost everywhere with her. Unless we warn her that a particular excursion is not Bone-Bone friendly. And she’ll do her best to convince us otherwise, but we generally hold our ground. Because we know how absolutely devastating it would be if Bone-Bone were to disappear.
In a little while, Chloe, Sophie and Papa are going to the airport to pick up my sister-in-law and nephew who are visiting from France. Sophie is prepared. She’s bringing Bone-Bone with her. She’s also bringing Shirley so Bone-Bone doesn’t get lonely, and her towel (a burp cloth that’s as old as she is) for extra comfort. Lucky animals.

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