Chloe’s Winning Illustration

Chloe recently won an art contest – on the theme of “Peace Begins With Me.” There were 12 winners – all in grades 3-5 – and their drawings will appear in a 2011 calendar put out by a local not-for-profit organization.

That Chloe’s illustration was chosen out of 343 entries (!) makes us very proud.
Now, if she were to extend her message to peace at home (and with her sister), that would be a real achievement. I’m feeling hopeful – she had an argument with a friend today and wrote the friend a lovely poem to apologize. Unfortunately, when she went to his house to deliver the message, he was getting ready for bed. Which upset her all over again! As I told her, life is never easy. And sometimes it tests our patience. But tomorrow is a new day, and she can give him the note then, if she decides it’s not too late. The travails of childhood…

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