I love to cuddle with my baby Sophie. She is the best cuddle monkey. Chloe never liked to hug or cuddle when she was four years old. She had that stubborn independent streak going from the time she came out of my womb.

Sophie, on the other hand, is an altogether different story. I think she likes to cuddle with me as much as I like to cuddle with her. She’s even promised me, on several occasions no less, to give me hugs and kisses when she’s all grown up.
You can bet that I’m going to hold her to that promise. Consider yourself on notice, little one. I expect your cuddles to continue into adulthood and beyond. The cuddles are starting to get a little more challenging – I can barely carry her anymore. But she’ll happily join me on the couch or in bed for big hugs. And I just adore those hugs. I hope they never end.

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