Getting to Know Your Cousin

Chloe and her cousin, Romain, are very compatible. It’s fantastic when they play together because there’s very little yelling. Why is that, you ask?

Language barriers can be a great thing. Chloe speaks fractured French, and Romain knows about two words of English. There’s only so much disagreement that can occur when you are unable to fluently express your discontentment. I’m loving it.
All kidding aside, however, Chloe, Sophie and Romain are having a terrific time together. Romain is gentle with Sophie (whose flirting talents increase every day), and the fact that Chloe is a bit of a tomboy and willing to wrestle with her cousin is definitely a big plus.
We really need to seriously consider sending Chloe to France next summer. When the French side of our family is here, she makes a good effort to speak in French. Imagine what a few weeks living among the frogs would do for her bi-culturalism!

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