I Don’t Like the Letter ‘E’

Sophie is jealous of the letter ‘e’. Because it’s more common than the letter ‘s’ and her name starts with ‘s’. For a few minutes earlier this evening, as she was writing a note to one of her teachers, she realized that the sentence contained more Es than Ss. She was inconsolable. Seriously, tears and everything. Not the crocodile kind, but the real kind.


I had no idea how to deal with her sad and sorry state (notice how I deliberately used ‘s’ alliteration in that sentence). I hugged her. I rubbed her belly. I threw up my hands in surrender mode. And then, inspiration struck.

“Sophie, I know the best word ever! It doesn’t have any Es. But it has a lot of Ss!” Slowly, a smile formed on her teary face. I took a piece of paper, and started to write the word. She started counting the Ss. “What is it, Mommy? What is it?”
Sophie’s new favorite word.