Sandwiches on Pizza Day

Wednesdays are pizza days at Sophie’s pre-K. Every Wednesday, since the start of the school year, Sophie has had pizza for lunch. It’s great for me, because that’s one less sandwich I need to prepare.

When I got home earlier, however, Sophie emphatically announced that I need to pack her a sandwich on Wednesdays. “But Wednesday is pizza day,” I explained. “I know,” she replied, rolling her eyes and sticking her head out to let me know how ridiculous I was being. “So, I don’t understand. If Wednesday is pizza day, why do you need a sandwich?” “BECAUSE!” I told her that I was confused and she rolled her eyes again.
I give up. She doesn’t intend to eat both pizza and a sandwich – she told me so. And I don’t think it’s just to be safe, because I’ve never forgotten to give her the pizza money. I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from college and magna cum laude from law school. So much for higher ed. I have no idea what the hell she’s talking about. I’m going to try to resolve the mystery before next Wednesday, but I’m not holding out hope. Kids and logic just don’t mix.

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