Sophie All to Ourselves

We’re having one of our rare Sophie weekends. Chloe is at Grammy’s until Sunday and we have our little one all to ourselves. So far, so fun.

When I told Sophie where her big sister was, I expected a bit of an outburst. She frowned a little bit, but when I told her that she would have her own special time with Grammy in a couple of weeks, the frown quickly turned into a big smile.
I left work early and when we got home, we played some “Mommy Bear, Kid Bear” and walked to the local pizza joint for dinner (her choice). Tomorrow’s main event is a little “Shrek 4.” She can’t wait.
All of the activity and attention apparently tired her out. She’s already in bed for the night – it’s 7:46 pm. And it’s quiet. This weekend is starting off great.

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