Spelling Bees and Other Misdemeanors by Chloe

“An Ode to Spelling Bees”

I don’t like spelling bees

They really aren’t for me.
Others get words that are easy
Yet mine make me feel queasy.
I don’t like to lose.
I would much rather snooze.
Getting ‘metaphor’
It made me feel very sore
I hate you dumb metaphor!
“Field Day”
I don’t like field day
I didn’t get my way
And if I were to have a say
The vote was really unfair
It made my heart tear
I thought I did the best
But apparently not the rest!
Mine had the most color
Everyone else’s was a lot duller
Why did Christian’s win
His should be thrown in the garbage bin!
“Santa for Sophie”
(at Sophie’s request)
Oh Santa Clause
He has mittens like paws
He has a great white fluff beard
Santa should never be feared
Mr. Claus will bring you a gift
On his very own lift
He has deer
All who know him cheer
Truly he is great
He is the opposite of hate!

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