Stop Kissing!

This is Sophie’s silly face. She’s quite good at making silly faces. One of my favorite Sophie faces is the one that involves her rolling her eyes when she thinks I’ve done or said something silly. I’ll have to try to get that mug on camera one day.

Sophie (and Chloe too, for that matter) generally doesn’t like it when her mommy and daddy kiss. “That’s gross!” she inevitably explains. And when we do it just to bug her, she rolls her eyes and turns away from us. If we do it again just to bug her, she yells, “STOP THAT, GUYS!”
The other day, however, Sophie requested that her parents kiss. And this time around, she thought it was the funniest thing ever. Don’t know what to make of her change in attitude. Maybe she doesn’t think boys are disgusting anymore. Maybe she’s seen too many princesses kissing princes. Maybe she likes a boy at school and thinks it would be fun to kiss him. Who knows?
What I do know is that Sophie’s newfound appreciation for her parents’ kissing won’t last. I’m sure she’ll be back to her old dismissive ways soon enough, especially when she hears Chloe continue to express her opinion that kissing is “GROSS.” She’ll succumb to the peer pressure to agree with her older sister, even if deep down inside, she thinks her kissing parents are cute.

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