Trou d’uc!

Chloe has really enjoyed playing card games with her aunt. She taught her French aunt how to play Spit, and her French aunt taught her how to play “Bataille Corse” and “President,” which is fondly known as “Trou d’uc” (a**hole in English).

You can imagine how much Chloe enjoys “Trou d’uc” for its English translation. She cracks herself up every time she says the phrase out loud. Only problem is that she’s forgetting that a**hole is a prohibited word, unless it’s used by her mom or dad.
But no mind. She loves the new games. But she still hates losing – and she’s lost a lot over the last couple of days. What saves her from making a completely clown of herself when she loses, however, is that as soon as we yell “Trou d’uc,” or better yet, “asshole!” she laughs. And laughs. And she’s no longer angry. At least not until she loses again.

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