A Clean Room


I didn’t think it would ever happen. Chloe cleaned her room today. Really cleaned it. I can see the top of her dresser and she can now actually use her desk to write.

It’s stupefying. Apparently, threats that promise to throw everything out if the room isn’t cleaned within a certain amount of time still work with my 9-year old. Who would’ve guessed?

Granted, it looks like a lot of her “cleaning” seems to have consisted of rearranging things. But it’s definitely an improvement over the complete mess that she lived in for over a year.

I know – how could we allow that to happen? Well, we don’t live in her room. And I’m of the firm belief that 9-year olds are perfectly capable of cleaning their own rooms. We’ll see if Chloe appreciates the benefits of having more space…or not…by seeing how long she goes before cleaning her room again.

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