Chariots of Fire

See Sophie run. See Sophie run extremely fast. We took a walk around the block yesterday evening as part of my turning-over-a-new-leaf project to spend less time tethered to my computer after I get home from work.

The walk is probably about 3/4 – 1 mile long. And when I say that Sophie essentially ran the entire distance without stopping, I am not exaggerating in the way I am sometimes prone to do when describing my girls’ talents.
She ran and ran and ran. Hardly paused to take a breath. Outran her sister, who at one point collapsed on the ground from the effort of trying to keep up. Could it be that we have a track star in the making? I noticed that Sophie has quite good form when she runs. Not to mention stamina. She runs like Forrest Gump.
By the way, it’s now been two days since my self-imposed mandatory post-work, pre-bedtime computer breaks. So far, so good.

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