Cuddling II

In my previous blog entry, I noted that Chloe was never a big cuddler. I still stand by that statement, but yesterday I witnessed a miracle. I don’t know if there was cuddling in the air the other night after I wrote my little story about hugging, but when Chloe returned home after a couple of nights at Grammy’s, she came into my room and proceeded to join me in bed where I was reading.

And before I could yell “Is this a joke?” Chloe was cuddling me. A genuine, full-blown cuddle. That lasted for a couple of minutes, which is a record for her. She hadn’t even read my last blog entry – so there was no calculated political move on her part to compete with her sister in an area where Sophie truly has no competition.
I was amazed. It was as if I had sent my Chloe irresistible cuddling vibes as I was writing about it the other night. Don’t get me wrong – I have absolutely no expectation that the moment will ever be replicated again. But it sure was nice while it lasted.

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