Dotty the Ladybug

Sophie has a new pet. Her name is Dotty and she’s a ladybug. She rescued Dotty from a certain death at my mom’s pool today, keeping her safe from drowning for almost two hours. Pretty incredible.

Dotty made the voyage from Sophie’s shoulder, to my mom’s apartment and then to our house. After some Internet research, the girls determined that a moist paper towel and raisins, along with some grass, would make Dotty feel at home in her new container shelter.
What I find extraordinary about Sophie’s pet adoption is that she used to stomp on bugs. But I guess she’s decided that her future doesn’t have serial killer written in it after all. That’s a relief. I hope that Dotty thrives and manages to survive for a few days. I should probably start stocking up on replacement ladybugs just in case.

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