Growing Up

It’s a very rare occasion that I get to see my two beautiful girls wearing dresses on the same day. The reason for that is simple. Chloe only wears dresses (and skirts, for that matter) under extreme duress.

However, she wore the dress in this photo quite willingly last night; she had, after all, been the one to find it at the store. And if you look at it closely enough, you’ll see that it’s a “French” dress, which was an extra plus in its favor.
Sophie’s dress, on the other hand, is notable for another reason. Anyone who knows Sophie knows that she LOVES to wear dresses. However, she’s generally extremely reluctant to wear anything that doesn’t have at least a hint of pink (the name of my blog strikes me as more “be careful what you wish for” with every passing day) on it. And yet, she wore this dress with pleasure last night. And the only nod to pink was the little pink purse she had in her hands.
I will end today’s entry with a quote from Sophie, who asked that I write, “I love Mommy because she’s my best mother ever!” To which I respond, “I love Sophie because she’s my best Sophie Bear ever!”

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