One of Those Days


Work was a bigger chore than usual today – problems, problems, problems. I was looking forward to getting home to see my two great girls.

Except my two great girls haven’t been so great this evening. Their listening skills went out the door with the last day of school. I’ve repeated myself so many times asking them to do or not to do things tonight, I’m a broken record many times over.
Sophie and Chloe have rediscovered the joys of shrill shrieking. They are constantly interrupting each other to get our attention. And they were physically torturing each other too, and not in a fun, sisterly way.
I lost my temper a couple of times, and sort of felt bad about it, but not too bad. They’re currently stomping on the air-pacs that protect packages. And my head is about to explode. Is it not bedtime?
On top of which, Dotty has joined the realm of ladybug heaven, and Sophie isn’t particularly disturbed by it. That’s because she’s distracted by Chloe, who stomped on too many air-pacs without Sophie’s permission. And now the little sister is too pissed off to care that her pet has kicked the bucket.
Tomorrow is Friday, but I’m not so sure that’s a good thing. Is summer over yet?

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