One Week Down

One work week down, and it’s official. I have managed to avoid the computer every night after work until the girls go up to bed.

One small step for mom, one big step for family time. Chloe has even noticed the fact that I’ve been spending less time handcuffed to the computer. OK, I did have to prompt her by asking if she had noticed anything different in the last week when I got home from work.

But I’ll take it. I think – although the jury is still out – that staying away from the Thing has actually helped me relax more. I’m still way too stressed out, but considering I started at the summit of Everest in terms of the stress-o-meter…I’ll take base camp any day.

We’ll see how week two goes, but going into the weekend I must say I am feeling fairly optimistic. I love my Mac, I really do. Just not nearly as much as my munchkins.

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