Silly Bandz

I cannot believe that this is the latest kid craze. Really. Chloe just spent $12 of her hard-earned lemonade money (her perogative, I suppose) at the local toy store on two packs of rubber bands. Granted, rubber bands in shapes, including lava lamps and peace signs. But $6 a pack?

All I kept thinking was, “Shit. Why can’t I come up with a scam like that?” There’s something slightly Dickens-like (Fagin immediately comes to mind) about creating a product that costs nothing to produce and tantalizes innocent children into wasting serious dollars. Not to mention the parents and grandparents (yes, you, Mom) who are willing to open their wallets to buy such crap for their dear little ones.
Do I sound envious? Well, I am. A simple idea transformed into a gold mine. I’m smart, I’m educated, I’m fairly creative…but I don’t know if I’m willing to exploit kids in order to make a buck. Hmm. On second thought…

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