Sophie’s a Graduate!

Sophie graduated from pre-K today. An incoming kindergartner is she. Ceremony was adorable. “The Lion King” theme, with elaborate costumes and choreography and singing. It was truly lovely. And I wish I had some photos to display for my loyal readers. But I don’t have any.

I know you’re all wondering why. Probably thinking that because Sophie’s child #2, she simply got shafted. But no. I actually had excellent intentions. Had a look at the camera battery the other night, saw it was low, and said to myself, “Better charge the battery so it doesn’t go dead during Sophie’s graduation.” Plugged the battery into the charger – must have been Tuesday.
When I got home from work today, the first thing I did was put the camera in my bag. Left the house and realized when we got down the street that I had forgotten the teachers’ gifts in the hallway. Turned around and grabbed the presents. Got back into the car and arrived at the school. Distributed the gifts. Got our seats. Phew.
Showtime approached. Took out the camera and bragged to my mom about how prepared I was – having had the forethought to charge the camera battery days ago in order to be ready for the big night. And then, as soon as the words, “charged the battery” came out of my mouth, I gasped. I opened up the battery cover and it was empty. Forgot to put the battery back in the camera. Mother F***er. No time to go back to the house.
So, you’ll have to take my word for it. The graduation was adorable (a little long, but adorable). Sophie did great. We’re all very proud of her. And I hope that she’ll eventually forgive me for depriving her of the joy of seeing a photo of herself in her light blue cap and gown. At least she got to keep the tassel.

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