This is what Chloe would have looked like if Andy Warhol had chosen her to sit for a portrait.  Eat your heart out, Marilyn Monroe.

Friends, meet Chloe with attitude.  It took all of her concentration to stay serious while posing for the Macbook camera.  As soon as the flash went off, she burst out laughing.

The official two-week countdown to Chloe’s first sleepaway camp experience started today.  I’m excited for her.  I’d like to go, too!  And since we still haven’t made our vacation plans for the end of August, maybe I will actually go with her.

Speaking of vacation, we’ve never been so completely undecided.  We’ve looked into Mexico, Delaware, Hilton Head, upstate New York, Canada, Vermont…The extent of our indecisiveness is as great as my desire to get away, so the fact that we don’t have a reservation anywhere is more than a bit disturbing to me.  Loyal readers out there:  if you have any ideas for a fun, affordable getaway, please share your tips with me.  PLEASE!

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