Empty Nest


Chloe and Sophie left us today, for their annual trip with Grammy to Ithaca. They couldn’t wait to go on their adventure – they had packed their bags two days ago.

The adults in the house took advantage of peace and quiet to go shopping. Shopping for us, rather than for the girls (although we did buy each of them a little something). I didn’t buy much, but the hubby bought himself a new suit. First suit in years. We had a nice lunch at Legal Seafood and went to the movies (“Knight and Day” – not as awful as I expected, but not great either).

When the girls drove away earlier today, I felt a little sad and started immediately to miss them. I was more than ready yesterday to get rid of them for a few days, but I didn’t quite feel so eager to wave goodbye this morning. But off they went, to spend a fun-filled week with my aunt and uncle, swimming, hiking in the gorges and helping in the garden. Perhaps I was feeling a little jealous – it’d be so nice to be on vacation!
In the meantime, we have one more day of calm before work shackles us again. On tap for tomorrow: sleeping in (that’d be a miracle), TV shopping for the new playroom downstairs, another movie, a restaurant or two… making the most of our time without our kidlets, so that when they return, we’ll appreciate them that much more.