Hilton Head Here We Come

Finally.  We’ve booked our vacation and we’re returning to the place I first visited as a kid about 30 years ago.  The Sea Pines Resort on Hilton Head Island.  Sand dunes, can’t wait to see you!  Blue ocean, can’t wait to see you!  Dolphins, would love to see a few of you!

Yes, I could do without the 13-hour drive.  But 1,600 miles (roundtrip) is a small price to pay to get away for a week.  I should probably keep my mouth shut, however, until we are sure we’ve survived a 9-year old and 4-year old in the car for that long.

Honestly, I am just really glad and relieved that we finally settled on a destination.  And now all of us are excited, including my mom, who will be joining us on this adventure.  The condo is rented, the bicycles will be waiting for us when we arrive…and if the weather cooperates, we’re going to have a fantastic time.  Hallelujah!

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