Innocence Lost

When is it that children lose their innocence once and for all? Is it when they start paying attention to the news, and realize that most of it is negative? Is it when something bad and life-changing happens to them? Or is it when they learn that something bad and life-changing happens to one of their friends?

In Chloe’s case, I think it may be the latter. I had to give Chloe some sad news about one of her friends today, and as unreal as the news was, it was all too real to her because it touched so close to home. There were lots of tears, lots of worry and lots of questions. And disbelief. And anger.
She wasn’t feeling that well before I gave her the news, but I am sure the news made her feel worse. Some poems by Shel Silverstein helped a bit (she even cracked a smile or two), but she went to bed troubled and sad.
My dear, sweet Chloe. I wish I could protect you forever.

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