Letters to Mom and Dad


Apparently, Chloe and Sophie miss us. Either they miss us or my mom encouraged them to write us letters. It doesn’t really matter what their motivation was. ‘Cause what a treat to get mail from my girls!

Sophie’s note was simple and oh so sweet: “Mom Love Sophie.” With hearts and happy faces. Just like our Sophie. I love you!
Chloe’s note was, not at all surprisingly, much more detailed. I am replicating it here because this is the first official letter (and who writes letters anymore, anyway?) we’ve ever received from her.
July 6, 2010
Dear Mom and Papa,
What’s up? We’re going to the gorge today. There is no way I’m going to fall again today. I’ll make sure of that. Plus, I’m the one who wants to go in the first place, so I’m not going to ruin it. Me and Seth played “Pay Day” (a board game) so many times. Yesterday we went to the lake. I didn’t enjoy it that much. It’s nice and cool down here in the basement. Temba’s cute. And Zeus is as old as ever. Temba’s very cat-like. I’m done with two of my books. By the time you get this message, I’ll probably only have one more book left. Can you send some? 🙂 Here’s a list: The 11th book by Lemony Snicket. The 22nd or 23rd Nancy Drew (check). And there are some others. Thanks! I love you soooooo much! I miss you!

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