Magic Fairy Dust


Sophie and Mommy time is coming to an end.  Papa should be home shortly, returning from his trip to Tennessee.  We had a nice time, my little one and I.  We went for a few short walks, she rode her bike, and we played games and read books.  We capped off our time together tonight with a viewing of “Sleeping Beauty” and some popcorn.  Followed by three books, “When Sophie Gets Angry,” “Swimmy” and “Eloise Has a Lesson.”  And topped off by a sprinkling of some “magic fairy dust” to stop her bug bites from itching.

After three nights of sleeping in my bed, she finally returns to her own lair tonight.  That’s the one thing I won’t miss – her constant movement and kicking while she sleeps.

That said, I was happy to have this time with Sophie.  Even though it was limited to a couple of hours in the mornings and evenings, we shared a lot of good laughs.  And not too many tantrums.  And lots and lots of cuddles and hugs.

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